Sharing stories of life change has been a part of the Christian church tradition for its entire history. From Paul’s miraculous conversion to all of the people he promoted like a proud papa, seeing people find new life in Christ and sharing those stories with the community has always been important.

And many churches today find video to be the perfect medium through which to convey these heartfelt stories. It’s less intimidating for the storyteller than speaking live, it allows an editor to carefully craft the story so that it’s clear and powerful, and lastly but not “leastly”, it allows the addition of music which can set the mood for the story.

After seeing and also creating many of these videos over many years, it’s become clear to us that most follow a similar arc:

a) an opening section where someone tells of their problem/hurt/hopelessness, etc.,

b) a middle section where they describe a change that took place, and

c) a closing section where they highlight the difference in their life today. A good score (aka background music/instrumental track) will be able to follow these 3 distinct moods well, and add emotional impact to each section.

But most video editors run into problems when they try to find music that will match these well. There are often 3 things that happen:

  1. They will find music that works for one of the sections but clearly doesn’t work for the other 2.
  2. They will find music that somewhat works for the 3 sections, but the timing doesn’t work, requiring massive editing of the music to make it passable, but rarely ideal.
  3. They end up using multiple pieces of music, which works sometimes, but often ends up making the story seem choppy and lacking a cohesive flow. And the time spent finding, as well as the cost spent licensing, 3 different pieces of music can be prohibitive.

At Missional Score, we set out to solve these problems. Each music piece in our “Life Change/Testimony” album is made up of 3 distinct sections that we call Hurting, Hoping, and Healing. (We are fans of alliteration, if you can’t tell!) So they are one continuous piece of music that contains all three emotions in a single track. They are all available as a single full-length track that you can drop into your timeline and use exactly as they are, and it’s possible in some cases that you could edit your story to fit the music as-is pretty well…BUT…

We offer these tracks as packages, which means you can download individual files of the sections and use them to create a custom length that perfectly fits the story you’re telling! We think this is HUGE…it allows one musical piece from start to end to match the mood you’re trying to create in these videos through easy edits.

We are confident that once you try one of these tracks, you will fall in love with them for Life Change/Testimony videos. And check out our FAQ for more info on how the packages work.

Carry on.

Kerry off.

Kerry Cox