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Simple Track Search

Find a great track for your video project here by answering just a few quick questions. If there isn’t an answer that perfectly fits, pick the closest and we’ll do our best to give you a few great options in a jiffy! (Feel free to browse our Collections page as well, which is also set up to help you find the right track quickly and easily.)

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How It Works

The heart of our mission is to provide the local church with quality music to use in their videos. If you create any kind of videos for your church, we want to make sure you can find music quickly and use it easily.

Feel free to browse any or all of our tracks, and if you decide that Missional Score can be a valuable resource for you, simply click the link to become a member. Within minutes you will be able to download our tracks and use them in your video projects.

Unlimited Downloads

For the duration of your membership, feel free to download as many of our tracks as you’d like and use them for any normal church use.*

100% Royalty-Free

Any of our tracks that you download as a member are yours to use in perpetuity. You can use them in FB ads, on YouTube, in promo videos, announcement videos, countdown videos, interview videos…pretty much any way your church would want to use them, and for as long as you’d like.


We have divided up our Collections into 3 categories based on ages. It’s a bit of a generalization (we’re sure some 82 years olds love Electronic Dance Music, for example…), but we think you’ll find it to be a helpful starting point when searching for the perfect track for your video. The ages refer to the subject of your video, which may or may not be the same as the audience. The 3 Collections and their approximate age ranges are:

Kids—birth through 5th grade; Students—6th grade through high school; Adults/Church-Wide—college through 107 years of age (if your video involves someone older than 107, we’ll create a custom track for you!)

Why Missional Score?

Affordability: As a member, you will have access to our entire library of music tracks for one low, annual membership fee. In many instances, just a few tracks from other royalty-free libraries would be much more than our annual fee.

Made for You: We have been creating videos for churches for 25 years, so we know what churches are looking for, and we cater our tracks to those needs.

Ease-of-use: Our Simple Track Search will give you a few great options for your video project in a matter of seconds. No more spending hours on the mega-sites trying to find the right track.

*We have attempted to be as broad as possible in the ways you can use our tracks. We anticipate that almost all the ways you would want to use our music would fall within the acceptable uses. If you have a question about a specific use, just give us a call at 970.316.5820 and we’d be happy to discuss with you. Chances are we can figure something out!