The place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.

Frederick Buechner


Missional Score came about as a result of an idea that would not stop bugging me. I began creating videos for churches in the early 90’s (1990’s, that is…), and would grab whatever music I could get a hold of to use for videos, not realizing that I didn’t have the proper license for any of the songs I was using. As I became aware of copyright issues, I started trying to do things the “right way” and would either purchase tracks or use the “free” stuff from various Apple products. But purchasing tracks was expensive, and often time-consuming, and I would quickly use (and reuse) the same few Apple tracks. What I needed was music that fit the type of videos I was creating (highlight, Bible verse, testimony, countdown, promo videos, series trailers, etc.) without taking hours to find them and without spending my entire yearly budget in a month.

So I began to create and use my own tracks. I found that I ended up enjoying the music track creation more than the video creation itself. And I realized that there must be thousands of people creating videos at churches that have the same dilemma I had but might not have the musical/studio background or the time to create their own tracks. And out of that realization, the idea for Missional Score was born.

The mission (pun intended) of Missional Score is to help churches create better videos. We attempt to do that by offering a website that gives you tips and tricks for creating better videos, as well as by offering a subscription service to our royalty-free music library, which gives you tracks that are new, relevant, and specifically created with churches in mind. Our website offers you a quick, painless way to find the perfect track for every video you create, at an extremely competitive price (access to our entire catalog is less than what you would pay for a single track on some sites). And you will have the rights to use the tracks for all your ministries, for advertising and marketing, for enhancing your online messages…almost any use you could imagine. (Well, you can’t use our tracks to create your own music library, but that’s about it!)

I am passionate about Missional Score because I feel like my deep gladness has run smack into a deep hunger in the church world for quality music that will enhance the message through the wonderful medium of video. I hope to be able to serve you in any way I can, as you bring messages of hope, joy, and Love to your congregation, frame by frame.

Kerry “James” Cox


Kerry “James” Cox lives at 8,300 feet elevation in Evergreen, CO, where he spends his spare time running the beautiful trails and floating down mountain streams with his 3 amazing kids. James is passionate about the arts in the church, and has been part of church staffs (staves?) for over 25 years. He dreams of someday being the next Hans Zimmer!