FAQs for Missional Score

How do I use your tracks in my video?

Check out this quick tutorial video to see how easy it is to start using our tracks in your video in minutes:

Why are there different file types? And which one should I use?

You will see 2 different file types offered for almost all of our tracks, .mp3 and .WAV. We offer these 2 file types to let you choose between speed/simplicity on one hand and the best possible audio on the other: .mp3 files are small and ideal for using if you have a slower internet connection or limited hard drive space and need to deal with small files. .WAV offers you the highest quality, and is considered the “standard” for professional video use. Both files will sound great on most speaker systems, but the .WAV will sound a little better on large speakers such as you’d have in many places of worship. So .mp3 if you absolutely need small files, but we recommend .WAV overall.

Why don’t you have hundreds of thousands of tracks like the other royalty-free libraries I have seen?

That’s tough but fair! 😉 There are a few reasons we think that Missional Score is a better choice for churches than the “100,000 track” sites out there:

  1. Our tracks are all less than 3 years old. That means you are getting current-sounding tracks when you sign up, and we will be adding new tracks every month in order to stay current. The “100,000 track” sites often fill their library with music that is 5, 10, or 15 years old because older music has less value commercially and can be obtained for less money.
  2. We created our tracks with the church in mind. If you need a 1970’s bell-bottomed disco music track, then you might need to look to another site; but if you need music for your VBS highlight video, child dedication video, announcement video, countdown video, promotional video, or a powerful track specifically made for a video that tells a story of life-change in Christ, we have tracks that were created JUST for those needs.
  3. Fewer tracks saves you time. We’re guessing you don’t have 10 hours blocked out to select a music track for your video project. Rather than having you rummage through hundreds of tracks to find what you need, we offer you a Simple Track Search that will give you a few great options, or you can just go straight to the album that matches the type of video you’re creating. We think you’ll find a great track for your video in minutes rather than hours.

Is it really worth $144?

With your Missional Score membership, you’ll have complete access to all our of our tracks. With other royalty-free sites charging $49 for a single track, we think Missional Score is an exceptional value for churches.

What are the “packages” that some tracks offer?

Great question! We are really excited about the flexibility and ease-of-use of our packages offered in select albums. The package feature allows you to download 4 separate files and customize the track to the length that works for your video. If you’ve had a decent amount of experience with video and audio editing, the way these work will come pretty naturally to you. If you’re newer to the video creation game, give yourself a little extra time to learn and explore how the files in a package work together to give you the perfect length for your project. The way the Announcement/Interview packages and the Life Change packages work are explained in detail in separate questions below. And remember that ALL of our tracks have a version that is 100% ready to go, just drop it into your timeline, if you find that easier.

How do your Announcement/Interview packages work?

Our Announcement/Interview packages offer 4 files.

  1. Intro/Verse
  2. Verse Loop
  3. Chorus Loop
  4. Chorus/Outro

Basically, you start with the “Intro/Verse” file, end with the “Chorus/Outro” file, and place the verse and chorus loops in between in whatever order you’d like to create a custom length. Just download the files and drop them in the timeline of your video creation software and they will sound like one continuous track. (We only offer these packages in .WAV format because .mp3 creates gaps between files that will cause stutters.) You can also download any of our Announcement/Interview tracks as a single file…it may work fine for you that way instead of using the package feature.

How do your Life Change packages work?

We are extremely excited about these tracks being available as packages! We have found that most testimony videos fall into a certain general pattern: The problem (which we call Hurting), the transition (Hoping), then the life change part (Healing). We have created these tracks to fit that pattern, and also allow you to easily custom-create the length for “Hurting” section and also “Healing” section. The package for these tracks will include a simple, quieter loop for “Hurting” (Section 1), a longer section, which includes parts of “Hurting”, all of “Hoping” and the transition into “Healing” (Section 2), a loop of the “Healing” section that can be used to extend the length of that part if needed (Section 3), and finally a satisfying ending (Section 4). So you’ll use Sections 1 and 3 as many times as you need to fit your video, and Sections 2 and 4 you will use just once each. A typical listing of the Sections for a project, therefore, might look like this: 1, 1, 1, 2, 3, 3, 4. (Alternatively, you can download the entire track as a single file, and it may work well for you just the way it is without using the package feature.) Once you try these, we think you’ll see what a great resource they are.

Why do some of the tracks seem repetitive or simple?

We don’t think our music tracks need to be “the star of the show.” The story that you are telling through video needs to be the star…whether it’s an announcement video or a powerful and heart-felt testimony video. We think our music should stay out of the way and support your story, not distract from it. Simplicity and repetition are often great ways to keep the music out of the way of the story, whereas complexity and constant change will tend to distract from the story being told. Put another way, the music should add to the vibe that your story is already creating, not set a vibe of its own.

Why are many of your tracks offered in only 2 minute and 1 minute versions? My promo video is 7 minutes long…

Many years creating videos has shown us that people won’t pay attention to a long promo video or highlight video. Rather than hear and remember, they will actually end up tuning out and forgetting. So the length of these tracks is intentional, to allow you to create a video that is effective and memorable. We highly recommend that you use either our 1 or 2 minute tracks for your promo and highlight videos, and make the content fit into one of those lengths.